Your prospects don’t know your sales process. It’s up to your sales reps to spell out the next steps to prospects in every discussion. That way, prospects won’t get lost in the woods and wind up with a competitor.
You’ve heard of the compound effect. It’s that ripple effect you get from doing small things over long periods of time – with discipline. Darren Hardy wrote a whole book, “The Compound Effect,” about how you can leverage it in your life with massive results. We’ve all heard the
Monitoring your sales metrics through the sales process can help you detect challenges within your sales process. Look for significant opportunity loss within any of these four phases of the sales process: New opportunities Marketing qualified leads converting to sales qualified leads Opportunities converting to proposals Proposals converting to
You don’t have to go it alone with your new business development. You can enlist the help of partners. That might be solutions vendors, someone who offers complementary services to your business, or colleagues that serve the same market but aren’t competitors. Ask around and look for ways to
If you want someone’s attention, you must address them directly. Applying even the best new business development strategies to an undefined market won’t yield the results you could have with a specific target market in mind. A well-defined target market helps you better understand your contact’s needs and deliver
When anyone gets a call from someone they don’t know, they’re asking themselves one question that will determine if they stay on the phone. “What’s in this for me?” So, when you’re talking to new prospects, stay focused on the business issues they have – not new product lines
Unified communications and small and midsize computer high tech are the primary industries we serve. Until the widespread adoption of monthly services delivered via technology, it was computer, communication, and medical device and energy companies that claimed they were “high tech” businesses. The one thing they have in common
Focus your new business development efforts on establishing relationships and identifying the drivers that compel potential buyers to work with you. This approach is much more effective than only trying to score appointments that will close in the next 60 to 90 days, and you can apply your understanding
Your prospecting and lead generation emails must get past the gatekeeper to reach your target contact. To do that, write your emails to address issues, questions and points that the gatekeeper can’t solve on their own. This forces them to share the email with your target contact and potentially