ShoreTel Partners

KLA Group has developed many of the ShoreTel channel partner lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns, including Big Sky No Limits and ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, ShoreTel Connect ONSITE and more.

Our ShoreTel partner clients are looking to implement successful lead generation campaigns, then use them as launching pads to implement custom lead generation campaigns for other areas of their business. They recognize how consistant lead generation will build their Recognition ROI in the market, putting them ahead of their competition in a competitive, rapidly shifting cloud communications industry. They are focused on converting marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads and putting a cohesive sales and marketing team in place.

We assist you in developing a revenue generating system that will not only help you generate more marketing qualified leads, but help you generate the RIGHT sales qualified leads while developing a cohesive sales and marketing organization.

We help you demonstrate the uniqueness of your business so you can compete more effectively.

What We Do for ShoreTel Channel Partners

ShoreTel channel partner nurturing and lead generation campaigns are industry-leading campaigns that require a unique skill set to implement. We coach and guide your team to successfully tailor ShoreTel nurturing and lead generation campaigns for your business and then implement them.

If you’re resource-constrained, we can implement your ShoreTel nurturing and lead generation campaigns with our premium Do It For You programs then create custom campaigns just for your business. 100% custom to you, you won’t find your lead generation content on someone else’s website.

We work with your sales team to develop a successful prospecting strategy, approach and confidence to follow up on marketing qualified leads from your ShoreTel campaign, then hunt for new opportunities that will keep their sales pipeline full. While sales prospecting may seem generic, your approach and your value proposition are unique to your business and your target market. We show your sales team how to use it.

Use Your ShoreTel Market Development Funds

Our services frequently qualify for ShoreTel market development funds (MDF). If you have access to ShoreTel MDF, we’ll work with you to secure it.