Hidden Secrets to Crack the Voicemail Gatekeeper

Voicemail is perhaps the hardest gatekeeper to get past in the SMB market space. Executives play many roles and have little time for sellers. They use voicemail as their screening tool and you need not only a great message, but perseverance and creativity to crack through. Try these secrets to reach your top SMB prospects.

Keep your pipeline full

It’s not uncommon to lose focus on your pipeline – or funnel – and consistently filling it with new opportunities can be challenging. Sellers often spend too much time on a few opportunities that are on the verge of closing at the bottom of the funnel, and don’t seek out new leads to fill the […]

How to Find the Right Sales Mentor

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of pretty successful people talking about how much they owe their achievements to their mentors. From vice presidents of sales to sales reps to business owners, they attribute their accomplishments, at least in part, to having a mentor to guide them. Often though, sales people who aspire to be […]

To Become a Better Salesperson, Find a Sales Mentor

So I’ve been thinking lately about what makes a really great sales person. Is it all talent? Can hard work replace talent? I don’t necessarily think so; you do need some talent, but you also need to continually focus on building your success. As with so many things in life, becoming an award-winning salesperson isn’t […]