When is a Sales Person Indispensable?

As salespeople, we’re always looking for ways to provide value to our clients, always trying to differentiate ourselves from the competition.  Well, you may already have something to offer your clients that makes you indispensable, whether or not you realize it. What is it? Insider intelligence – that combination of connections, experience and company knowledge […]

Red Flags When Hiring Salespeople

How to Spot Problems Before You Hire the Wrong Person As business owners and executives we’ve all made decisions we wish we could take back from time to time. But when it comes to hiring the wrong salesperson, that feeling can be especially sharp. Not only have you spent a lot of time and money […]

Staying on Top of Your Sales Game in a Chaotic World

I recently read an article about chaos theory and the emergence of what the author dubbed “Generation Flux” – a generation of people defined, not by demographics, but by their common ability to thrive in a state of chaos. “GenFluxers,” according to the author, are exhilarated by change and the opportunities it can bring. For […]