3 Reasons Prospects Ignore Your Emails

In a perfect world, every email we send to a potential client would be read and responded to right away. Unfortunately, many of our prospects are too busy to even look at all the messages they receive, much less act on them. By avoiding the most common mistakes other people make, savvy sellers like you […]

Cold Calling Isn’t the Only Way to Get Prospects

Not many sellers like cold calling. They may be forced into it but they go kicking and screaming, avoiding it with any excuse. Unfortunately, they think it’s the only approach to prospecting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. John was a managed services provider looking to grow his company. He created a cold […]

Pretending won’t get email responses

You know I’m passionate about email prospecting. It’s one of my favorite prospecting methods, and highly effective when done correctly. Lately, though, I’ve been turned off by a trend I’m seeing from sellers in email prospecting: pretending they’ve already contacted their prospects. Here’s part of an email I received last week: I sent you an […]

Increase Sales: Jumpstart Your Lead Generation

Are you getting the sales you need? If not, consider diversifying your lead generation techniques. Cold calling and direct mail are common approaches to lead generation however there are many other ways to make your sales leads flow. Break down your territory It’s important to break down your sales territory into manageable “chunks” so you […]