When Sales Training isn’t working

Nothing is more frustrating than investing the time to identify the need, design, develop, and deliver great sales training and then discover that sellers aren’t implementing what they learned when they get back to the field. Whether you’re delivering product or soft skills training, participant time away from the job is expensive and your organization […]

Uncovering Your “Best-odds” SMB Sales Prospects

As a seller in the SMB market space, you want to target groups of companies where you have the best opportunity to get business in the door. You cannot afford to waste time pursuing all the companies in your territory. Rather, you want to identify the groups of companies that will require the least amount […]

Training Reinforcement Success Strategies

Training is not an end to a means. It’s part of the journey. When you’re going on a trip, typically you plan ahead and buy tickets, make reservations, and line up transportation. With training, you need to do the same thing. You must choose your destination before you plot your course. This is why you […]

Skills Assessments — The Secret Tool for Behavior Change

Good development programs are based on the skills participants need to do their job successfully. They are tailored to address diagnosed performance gaps. The programs aren’t point–in–time training sessions, but longer–term projects designed to change how people are executing in their roles. Using a diagnostic assessment approach saves you time and money by determining exactly […]

Leverage Discussion Groups for Just-in-time Training

Discussion groups provide a unique opportunity for just in time training. Your learners are looking for answers to immediate questions they have, and you want to be sure they receive accurate direction. With anyone able to participate, how can you be sure your ideas are the ones they’ll listen to and use? In formal classroom […]

Lead Generation – Make It Work

Have you ever found yourself with a less than exemplary sales lead list, spending your day “dialing for dollars” and nothing to show for your efforts? Your lead list needs help, and here are four ways to beef it up: 1. Direct Mail. Direct mail generates response rates of 2 to 8 percent (depending on […]

Is Email Hiding Your Personality?


Email is so much easier to use for prospecting than the phone. You can write it at any time day or night. You don’t have to worry about being hung up on and you won’t catch your client “at a bad time.” But it’s also easily deleted with no response. When you put yourself into […]

Increase Prospecting Results by Integrating Your Touches

Connecting with prospects for the first meeting requires persistence, consistency – and simply wearing them down. You can speed your access time by integrating your communication strategy with multiple connection methods without frustrating prospects. We’ve spent many hours working with clients on ways they can refine their prospect touch points, and improve their overall prospecting […]

How to Insure Web-based Training Success

Recently, we had what could have been the “perfect storm” for a web-based skills training. We needed to create a new behavior and skills in people who never expected these responsibilities. Classroom and blended training weren’t an option. All participants had been with the company for two to three decades, and many had little knowledge […]

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Some sellers fail miserably when trying to gain access to a company executive. Unfortunately, rather than taking the time to develop a strategy, they smile and dial, hoping their canned pitch will be enough to get an appointment. This strategy doesn’t get many sellers past today’s sophisticated executive gatekeepers, and many aren’t willing to give […]