Do These Things for Successful Email Lead Generation Campaigns

There is a distinct difference between prospecting emails and lead generation email campaigns.  While delete barrier rules like subject lines and length are very similar, their purposes are quite different. In prospecting, your goal is to secure a first appointment with a prospect right now. In lead generation your objective is to use integrated campaigns […]

Keep Them Hungry: Innovative Bonus Plans for your Best Employees

Even with the slow recovery in the job market the competition for seasoned sales and management experts remains high. Translation: Retaining your best employees could become increasingly difficult in the year ahead. What’s a VAR to do? Many will surely consider bonus plans for their best performers. Bonus plans remain a popular way for companies […]

Is Sales Management for You?

It’s not uncommon for successful sales professionals to be offered promotions into sales management jobs.  And because it’s considered a “promotion,” it’s easy to think the seller should take it.  But should she… or he? I’ve seen a lot of people make this move and many end up regretting it.  Just because they’re good at […]

How Many Salespeople Do You Have To Hire to Find the Right One?

This is a rhetorical question, but if you’ve found yourself on that all too common sales carousel, where you just can’t seem to find the right person to help grow your business, you might be starting to wonder if there isn’t some twisted math involved. Hiring salespeople and then losing them, or finding out they […]

Are you allergic to your prospects?

For the past two months an unknown allergy complete with red blotches and freakish itching has overtaken my life. (No, it’s not contagious.) After extensive testing, I’ve discovered that I’m allergic to dogs. Our beautiful, loving standard poodle that I walk every day, who sits in my office through every call, and who the kids […]

12 Tips to Close End of Year Sales Fast

It’s November and the fourth quarter of business for many companies, bringing with it crunch time for achieving your sales goals. You may find yourself pushing to attain your revenue goal but uncertain what you can do to speed customer decision making. Whether self-imposed or a number the company is counting on you to bring […]

The 10 Worst Voicemail Mistakes

I get asked all the time, should you or should you not leave a voicemail when you’re prospecting? Among salespeople this is a hot debate, and I’m of the opinion that you definitely should. Why would you take the time to call a prospect and then hang up when you reach voicemail? The prospect will […]

You can’t Micro-communicate to a Cast of Thousands

More than a year ago, we wrote a client case study about the importance of putting quality ahead of quantity when it comes to lead generation.  Our client, a provider of office technology solutions to companies around the world, was using practically all means of communication to generate leads and reach out to people their […]