Direct lines: The often overlooked element of sales prospecting

By Steve Richard, Co-founder, Vorsight Stand in front of a room of 150 sales reps and ask them, “Raise your hand if you’d rather call your prospect on their direct line vs. going through the switchboard.” I promise that you will see 150 hands shoot into the air. But why is it so much better […]

Is “Cleansing” Your Database Hurting Your Salespeople?

When Yahoo! announced a few weeks ago that it planned to deactivate user IDs that had been inactive for more than a year and re-release them to the public, outrage ensued. Existing users worried that their long-held (and, in some cases, valuable) addresses would be taken from them, while tech and media experts suggested that […]

5 Keys to Uncommon Email Prospecting Results

A big part of selling has always been finding a way to stand out from the crowd. Amazingly, that sometimes means just coming across like an actual person. Nowhere is this more true than with email prospecting and lead generation, where sending messages that look automated is the kiss of death in your prospect’s in […]