Only Have 30 Minutes with a Sales Prospect? 12 Tips to Make that Time Count!

As a salesperson, it’s imperative that you buy into the solution you’re selling, and understand how it can address key pain points that your prospective customers are dealing with. After all, sales is all about radiating trust and confidence, and helping prospects see that you understand their situation and are there to help. That being […]

Two Reasons Your Sales Closing Rate May Be on the Decline

Dealing with a drop in closing rates can be quite a testy experience for managers and no joy for reps who have otherwise seen a great deal of success. Consider a scenario in which your probability of closing a sale hovered around 70% in the past, yet not a single new contract has closed in […]

[Video] – How to Open Doors with Your vCard

vCards can quite literally stop prospects in their tracks, if you know how to craft it. With so little effort required, every sales rep should utilize this informative and effective prospecting tool! Watch this video to find out the 3 simple things all savvy vCards should include.

Want to Win More Sales? Improve Your Body Language!

Just for a moment, imagine that you’re meeting with a financial advisor to discuss your investment strategy. As you look across the desk at him, you notice that he’s sweating, twisting his wedding ring, and refusing to make eye contact. As he delivers advice and proposes that you put large chunks of money into certain […]

How-To: Use Technology to Reinforce Training

Technology provides an extremely cost-effective, fun way to stay in front of your participants with key content reminders after the training is over. We’ve added technology-based reinforcement to all our training programs and our clients have reaped big rewards.[Continue reading this article in Training Magazine]