A Case Study in Selling via Email

Email is the new phone in today’s sales world. It’s currently one of the most effective online customer acquisition tools according to this post from Wired – ranking just behind organic search and paid advertising, but ahead of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. There’s just one problem with the way many businesses have […]

[Video] 5 Interview Questions to Reveal Proven Sales Rep Hunters

Most salespeople will tell you they’re effective cold callers. The reality, however, is that very few actually thrive in that role. How can you identify salespeople with proven cold calling track records? Find out what five interview questions will help you separate the ‘haves’ from the ‘have-nots.’

Are Your LinkedIn Connection Requests Being Ignored? Here’s Why!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a client that asked a question I’m sure all of us have pondered at some point. If you send a LinkedIn connection request to someone and they don’t respond, what does it mean and what should you do? Here’s the short answer: It depends. Truthfully, there […]

[Video] How to Find Your Lead Generation Focus

While lead generation can be a high activity, low yield function, that doesn’t mean it should be haphazardly executed with a “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” approach. Here’s a strategy for personalizing your messaging and improving response rates.