Staying on top of your “Sales Game”

Whether you’re a lifelong salesperson or just starting out in sales, I think you’ll agree the world of selling is changing faster now than ever before. If you’ve ever found yourself worrying or anxious about how you’ll keep up with this accelerating pace of change, I think you’ll be interested in my interview today with […]

How to Win B2B Sales

By Mike Schultz There’s little dispute that the world of B2B sales has changed. With all the advice out there, it’s hard to know what to keep, what to tweak, and what to throw out completely. After all, everything we’ve learned over the years can’t be rubbish—and it’s not. To find out what’s relevant today, […]

[Video] 5 Questions to Test Your Target Market

Is your lead generation program failing to deliver results? Are your reps struggling to get responses? If you answered “yes” to either question, it could mean you’re focusing on the wrong target market – or it might mean you’ve got other problems. Find out five questions you can ask to make that determination.

Three Steps to Social Media Success

Person using a computer and calculator to determine their social media ROI

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Twitter, Google Plus… Social Media is here to stay and professionals continue to feel the pressure to play on every channel. For some, it can be so overwhelming that they opt out of social media altogether, losing a great opportunity to connect with prospects and customers. Or, they go to the […]