Be Careful What You Send – When Email Responses Can Come Back to Haunt You

Let’s face it – on a daily basis, we’re all overwhelmed by email, and in the age of email lists and automated marketing campaigns it’s only escalating. So, it’s natural that we might occasionally become frustrated by emails that seem poorly targeted, robotic, or not at all aligned with our interests. In those moments of […]

[Video] The Ideal Contact for Lead Generation Nurturing Campaigns

The Ideal Contact for Nurturing Campaigns KLA Group - Denver CO

Salespeople often assume that to close a deal, they need to nurture the person who controls the budget. Typically, that’s true — after all, the person who approves spending is often the ultimate decision maker. But as I explain in the video below, that’s not always the case. In fact, sometimes your ideal nurturing contact […]

One Simple Tip that Will Change the Way Your Prospects View You

In your business, how many times have you picked up the phone, called a new prospect, and been met with genuine interest (and maybe even excitement) on the other end of the line? Not very often, right? And that’s normal. Typically, when salespeople or businesses owners reach out to prospects initially, they’re greeted with skepticism, […]

[Video] Tips to Increase Your Email Campaign Read Rate

Tips to Increase Your Email Read Rate

Every morning, your prospects open up their inbox, see the flood of marketing messages in it, and, without hesitation, begin collectively depositing them into the trash. It’s a vicious cycle – and to survive it your messages must immediately stand out. In the video below, I reveal a handful of tips that will help you […]