Want to Boost Technology Sales? Incent Your Support Staff

Clues for sales are everywhere, and many times they fall in the lap of someone who is not part of your company’s sales team. While most of these leads are passed along to a sales professional, it’s not a bad idea to provide incentives to the support team to continue to look for clues. This […]

Turn “NO” Into a Turn On

An sales, we’re often trained to become numb to the word “no.” We hear it at the very start of the sales process and, depending on how our interaction with contacts goes, we might hear it several more times before a deal ever closes. In prospecting, we can expect to hear it at least eight […]

Questions with Kendra: How Many Emails are TOO Many for CAN SPAM?

[fc cols=”small-4″] [/fc] Email prospecting is the top sales prospecting strategy. It’s easier and less threatening for contacts to respond than voicemail. However there’s always the legal concern niggling in the back of sales reps’ minds. Q: Recently Chris, an insurance counselor, asked, “I’m curious as to how email prospecting adheres to the U.S. CAN […]

[Video] 3 Commission Issues that Lose Sales Reps

Sales Management by Assumption Mistake

One of the most common questions that I receive from business owners is why seemingly satisfied sales reps occasionally decide to jump ship. If they truly are satisfied with other aspects of the job, more often than not, it comes down to issues with how commissions are handled.