Why Flexibility Hurts (Not Helps) Your Ability to Close Sales Deals

For many sales reps, being flexible throughout the sales process seems like the best, consultative approach to establish a strong prospect relationship and win more sales. Rather than suggest what a prospective client should buy, reps opt to empower the client to dictate their needs. In doing so, the thought process is that reps convey […]

Want to Hit Your Q4 Sales Targets? 10 Questions to Make Your Goal

When most salespeople think about goal setting, it’s often in the context of the beginning (or midway point) of the year — and that makes a lot of sense. After all, those times of the year often provide the perfect opportunity to evaluate what is or isn’t working, pinpoint a handful of actionable goals to […]

14 Strategies and 1 Example You Can Use to Generate Leads

Business people running over a telescope spanning a big divide

Two of the biggest mistakes sales and marketing teams make are giving up too early on prospects and relying only on a few tried-and-true lead generation techniques. If a sales rep doesn’t get a response after a few emails or cold calls, they assume the prospect isn’t interested and they move on. More often than […]