6 Methods for Building Better Email Lists

Email lists can be a blessing or a curse. When they’re composed of real email addresses of people in your target micro-segment, and those people recognize you or your company by name, an email list is an invaluable lead generation resource. When the list is filled with contacts who don’t know of you or your […]

Questions with Kendra: Who said 9 is the correct number?

Q: Who said 9 is the correct number? Response: Great question, Benjamin Sadowsky! Our research with clients has proven that if you haven’t gained access after 9 attempts, let it rest and try again in the future. In the meantime you can build Recognition ROI for next time AND revalidate your value proposition. Continue the conversation […]

A 20% Closing Ratio Isn’t Enough — Here’s How to Improve It

Over the years, I’ve worked with many sales teams that seemed to view a 20% closing ratio as a bellwether of success. If the team closed 20% of their opportunities in a given month, they patted themselves on the back and celebrated a job well done. If it closed more than that, it set off […]