5 Cold Calling Mistakes that Irk Sales Prospects

Sales People and Executives

I used to think sales reps get a bad rap – at least until I attended a Saturday morning Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast (yes they still have those) and overheard a group of business owners talking about how much they hate telemarketers. Now, I don’t know what prompted them to talk about this at 8:30 […]

How to Create a Consistent Sales Pipeline

Prospecting Overtime

Early in my sales career I sold to law firms, working directly with the senior partners to show them how technology could help their staff be more productive. Because I was young, new to sales and eager to succeed, they often saw it as their role to coach and guide me. There’s Always a Need […]

How to Combine Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Campaigns

Mass Email Campaigns

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a savvy sales rep and client of ours who is in the middle of a lead nurturing campaign and prospecting for clients. He was reading Jeb Blount’s new book, Fanatical Prospecting (which I highly recommend), where Jeb says prospecting should not be done via bulk email, […]

4 Ways to Turn Around an Underperforming Email List

Email List Attention

Even if you have a clean lead generation email list, if people never open your emails, you’ve got a problem, and purchasing a new list isn’t the solution (although that’s often the approach many business owners take). Here are four strategies we use with our clients to turn their email campaign results around and begin […]