3 Steps to Revive Stalled Sales Proposals

Stalled Sales Proposals

Too many sales reps find themselves with great opportunities in their pipeline but can’t seem to push them over the edge to close. You might have had several great conversations with your prospect, sent a proposal and even met with them to discuss your recommendations. If they told you they’d discuss it internally, you might […]

10 Sales Situations to Boost Your Confidence with the Power Pose

Strike your Power Pose

No matter how confident you are or how great a sales rep you are, sales is filled with moments that are intimidating. Whether it’s picking up the phone to prospect, speaking with angry customers, dropping by a business unannounced, or giving an important presentation, there are high-stakes moments where you have to put yourself out […]

12 Tactics to Try When Customers Stonewall Your Calls

Customers Go Silent

Last week I wrote about what you can do when a prospect goes silent on you. As sales reps, you know and expect prospects to do that from time to time. But what about when it’s a customer who won’t return your calls? That, my friends, is a much bigger issue. They should want to […]

10 Strategies to Use When Your Prospect Goes Silent

Dont Give Up

  One of the most frustrating things for a sales rep is when the prospect you had a great conversation with goes silent and starts avoiding you. You might assume that it’s you or they’re disinterested, but that’s not necessarily the case. This happened to me with one of my Canadian prospects and I couldn’t […]