The Kind of Content That Can Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Marketing Slick

Creating a strong LinkedIn profile is more important than ever, especially now that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn, which is expected to have dramatic impact on the sales and marketing world. A good LinkedIn profile starts with a cohesive message. In the last post I talked about that LinkedIn golden thread that works to tell the […]

Checklist: Maximize Your Marketing Campaign ROI

Money Making Marketing Campaigns

Business owners of more and more SMB companies that we talk with are frustrated because they can’t put a finger on the return on investment (ROI) from their lead generation campaigns. They’ve invested time, money and staff, but can’t articulate the value they’ve received. Use this 8-point checklist to evaluate the success of your marketing […]

How to Dress Your LinkedIn Profile for Success

Linkedin Profile

When you write your LinkedIn profile, you have an opportunity to paint a picture for your audience and tell the story of you. People use LinkedIn to look for information about you and your business. With Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn, this is a trend that is expected to increase – to the point that Microsoft may […]