By Popular Vote: The Top 10 Sales Posts of 2016

Most Popular Sales 2016

This year I blogged a lot about lead generation and marketing because that’s what everyone seemed to be asking us about. But when I looked back over the year and our most popular blog posts, it was the sales articles that won the prize! (This is a great example of why you analyze the results […]

I’m Dreaming of Closed Sales for Christmas

Dreaming of Closed Sale

Each year we write a fun sales parody on a holiday classic. This year we’ve chosen one of my favorite songs, A White Christmas. I can just hear Bing Crosby singing it in the movies “Holiday Inn” and “White Christmas.” Enjoy our spoof, and may your holidays be bright with love, joy – and sales […]

Why So Many Sales Reps Fail Before January

Blue Bird in January

You’re in that time of year when you can’t lose sight of your year-end goal. But at the same time, January 1st is just weeks away. And with it comes a fresh sales goal and a big fat zero in the quota attainment column. You might be thinking to yourself, “I’ll deal with next year in […]