One Essential Sales Tool You May Be Missing

knife cutting dollar

In my Channele2e cold calling article 3 Smart Cold Calling Strategies to Reach Prospects, Jim Barnet, Director of Sales & Marketing with Promys PSA, shared that “sometimes figuring out who not to sell to has the biggest impact on improving sales.” This fundamental sales tenant is often overlooked by sales, marketing, owners and executives in their […]

Relying on Cold Calling Isn’t the Best Sales Prospecting Strategy

Get Noticed By Prospects

Can you rely on cold calling as your one and only prospecting method for driving leads? Yes, you absolutely can. The challenge with that, though, is that whenever you employ just one method of reaching prospects, you are constrained to that method. A salesperson can only make so many phone calls. And, you can only […]

Are You Leaving Referral Money on the Table?

Refferal as part of your culture

  Your clients love you, right? They rate you highly on their net promoter score survey. They act as references. They provide testimonials. So why don’t all their business partners and colleagues know about you and the great work your company does for them? Why aren’t the referrals flooding in? Referrals are one of the […]