How to Increase Sales Closing Rates

Sales Opportunities Are Stalled

Perhaps a business owner’s biggest frustration is seeing all those opportunities sitting in the pipeline, but nothing is closing. Proposals were presented. Prospects declared, “I’ll let you know.” But they haven’t, and now you don’t know what to do next. When your reps get all the way through presenting the proposal and opportunities still aren’t […]

8 Tips to Bypass the Gatekeepers Blocking Your Emails

Email GateKeeper

I firmly believe that email is still the best tool for prospecting and lead generation. It’s personal, targeted, accessible, and measurable. And it can yield a steady flow of very high quality leads. That said, it’s getting harder and harder to break through to the people you actually need to reach. We know that whether […]

What to Cut When Lead Generation Is Working

Lead generation is a business process

Sales are up. Leads are coming in. We don’t need to keep paying for lead generation, do we? Let’s save that money. The sales rep is setting appointments. He can do it. Or – Hey, lead generation is performing. Yes, the sales rep left but we don’t need to replace her. The owner will work […]