[Video] 5 Ways to Close More End-of-Year Sales

It may be the end of the year, and it probably feels like the perfect time to let go of your prospecting goals. But it’s not! There’s still time to get through to your prospects and finish out the year with fireworks and celebration. (And no, I’m not just talking about New Years Eve!) Check […]

How to Meet Fourth-Quarter Sales Targets

Change up your Q4 prospecting

By Kendra Lee It’s fourth quarter, which means the final year-end push whether you’re motivating your team or yourself to meet sales targets. Here’s a list of resources to guide you to find and close Q4 sales. I’ve included a bunch of different formats, so use the one that will galvanize and inspire you and […]

4 Quick Wins for New Sales Reps

Woman salesperson looking at her cell phone, smiling and doing a fist pump

You’ve hired a new sales rep. She’s raring to go. She’s so excited you can practically feel the passion. You know you’ve made a great hire, and you can’t wait for her to know everything she needs to start talking with prospects. What do you do? Sit her in front of online training in your […]