How to Talk Price with Prospects: Stop Sticker Shock

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By Kendra Lee Talking price with prospects gives most reps heartburn, so they wait, and wait, and wait, all the way until the proposal. Aside from wasting your valuable time on potentially unqualified prospects, without some discussion of price, you are setting up a sticker shock situation. The Circular Pricing Problem The problem with how […]

How to Do Annual Sales Capacity Planning

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By Kendra Lee It’s annual planning and budgeting season once again. Business owners’ favorite two numbers to use to build their plans are growth and operational expenses. But when you ignore your sales team’s capacity, you set yourself up to miss your numbers and potentially lose valuable sales staff. Jump ahead to January with me […]

How to Sell Against Price

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Unified communications and small and midsize computer high tech are the primary industries we serve. Until the widespread adoption of monthly services delivered via technology, it was computer, communication, and medical device and energy companies that claimed they were “high tech” businesses. The one thing they have in common is that they leverage technology strategically […]