Working Together, Remotely: 7 Tips for Success

open communications for remote work

By Kendra Olney Lee The novel coronavirus introduced uncertainty at all levels of life rather quickly. Businesses are rethinking how they’ll operate in the immediate future and what long-term implications the virus will have on their workforce. To meet social distance and self-isolation guidelines, many employers are introducing immediate work-from-home policies. At KLA Group, we’re […]

Kendra Lee to be featured speaker at global sales conference

Denver-based sales guru, author will address group about sales prospecting DENVER, March 12, 2020 — Nationally recognized sales and marketing leader Kendra Lee, president and CEO of KLA Group Inc., Centennial, has been selected to be a featured speaker at OutBound, the “biggest, baddest” conference in the sales profession. The conference, focused exclusively on sales […]

Set a Strong MQL Follow-Up Strategy and Close More Sales

Strategy Leads Become Oppotunities

You received a marketing qualified lead! You’re ecstatic and shoot them an email requesting a time to meet. Days go by, you hear nothing, your enthusiasm fades. Maybe they aren’t interested after all. Wrong! A percentage of your leads are ready to have a conversation right now. Others find your content or website useful but […]