7 Steps to Hosting Webinars that Capture Leads

Woman hosting a webinar in her home office

By Kendra Lee “How are people generating leads?” It’s a question I’ve fielded frequently from business owners looking for lead generation strategies that will fill their sales funnel since the pandemic struck in March. They see peers and competitors finding opportunities. Meanwhile, they feel stuck, fearful, and unsure of how to find success in our […]

Checklist: Building a Lead Generation Machine

Funnel with emails going into it showing a b2b lead generation strategy

As businesses build their recovery strategy, one of the most important aspects is having a consistent pipeline of leads. Yet, many small and mid-sized business owners started the pandemic with a weak pipeline and are now frustrated because they don’t know how to create consistent future business. They’ve invested time, money and staff into prospecting […]

Your Value is Like a Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie

sell relationship value over price like a homemade chocolate chip cookie

By Kendra Lee I love to bake. Every Sunday I make three batches of chocolate chip cookies for my family of three boys. Friends who stop by know the cookie jar will be full and ask to dip in. No kid or adult is immune, and they can never stop at just one. Yum! These […]