5 Easy Ways to Warm Your Prospects Fast

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If you’re looking for ways to establish yourself as the expert, inspire trust and warm up your prospects, here are 5 easy tactics you can implement today.

  1. Send a few emails with links to appropriate, useful content. This could come in the form of an article prospects might find of interest, a link to a tipsheet, or a fun interactive infographic, to name a few options. But really, the choices are expansive as far as what you can send. Be creative. Just make sure it fits your prospect’s current needs.
  2. Share helpful tools on social media. Post a link to a new calculator on Facebook. Share a great business related quote on Twitter. Start an engaging dialogue on LinkedIn. Whatever it is you share, keep it light and platform appropriate. But again, always useful to your prospects and target market.
  3. Begin a newsletter with recurring information related to on trend issues and needs. People may not open every email you send them. However, a regular newsletter they trust to contain interesting, up-to-date, and helpful insights will almost certainly get read. Newsletters are also a great place to promote your upcoming events or any special offers you may have going on.
  4. Get with local TV Stations and do a segment highlighting a new invention in your prospect’s industry. Working with the press can seem daunting and unrealistic. But the truth is that news shows are always looking for public interest stories! Think of a way to tie your prospect’s business issues to a product, event, or opportunity that can be promoted. Your local media is an extension of your marketing team, a partner – not someone to be intimidated by or feared.
  5. Put together a networking breakfast with alliance partners and invite prospects. Your prospects will appreciate the opportunity to meet an array of helpful business associates. And by spreading the responsibilities, the pressure of hosting an entire event on your own gets greatly diminished. But best of all, you get face-to-face time with your prospects!
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