With everyone working remotely, you need more touches to stay in front of your target market and a unique message that will grab their attention to get you through the virtual door. Combine email campaigns, social engagement, and virtual events. Lower your lead scoring and prospect to the marketing
Right now, your prospects are faced with a whole new set of challenges. That means they need help. Your help. You still have to fill your funnel, but a sales pitch will come across as tone-deaf and insensitive. Reach out to prospects with a genuine message of compassion and
To keep your prospecting email from hitting the delete barrier, use shorter subject lines that resonate and feel as though you’re addressing your contact’s top priority. Skip generic subject lines like “checking in” and sensational ones like “COVID-19 Solutions.” They’re fodder for the trash button! Make your subject lines
Be even more responsive to client and prospect requests. Return calls sooner. Reply to emails faster. Get proposals out quickly. If you don’t have answers, or it will take time to complete a request, provide progress updates. “I received your request and will have that to you by Friday.”
By Kendra Olney Lee The novel coronavirus introduced uncertainty at all levels of life rather quickly. Businesses are rethinking how they’ll operate in the immediate future and what long-term implications the virus will have on their workforce. To meet social distance and self-isolation guidelines, many employers are introducing immediate
It may feel like you should lay low due to coronavirus, but now is the time that your clients and prospects need to hear from you. Call clients to ensure they’re all set and simply lend an ear. Call prospects as both a distraction to the COVID-19 conversation and
Denver-based sales guru, author will address group about sales prospecting DENVER, March 12, 2020 — Nationally recognized sales and marketing leader Kendra Lee, president and CEO of KLA Group Inc., Centennial, has been selected to be a featured speaker at OutBound, the “biggest, baddest” conference in the sales profession.
Your LinkedIn connections are a treasure trove of people who are networked with your potential prospects. Some of these contacts will have similar prospects to you but aren’t your competitors. Find ways to align with these contacts and approach with a unique offering that the prospect can’t refuse
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