Salespeople, as a rule, tend to be bright and outgoing. That’s a good thing! But, managers often make the mistake of hiring the shiniest one, rather than the one who is the best fit. To avoid that trap, here are two important ways to evaluate candidates instead: Review the past
Identify smaller target markets. These micro-segments combine prospects into groups with similar traits that will be easier to manage. They might share the same pain point, operate in the same geography, or be in a subset of an industry. You can research and create one unique message for each micro-segment
When contacts go dark, cancel meetings and start ignoring your emails, the right email subject line has the power to reel ’em back in. The subject line needs to remind the prospect why they were talking to you in the first place. So instead of “following up about a meeting”
When you have solved a problem for a client, they are (hopefully) filled with love for you and your team. It’s that joy and relief that you want to capitalize on. This is when they want to sing your praises the most. To make sure you leverage each such opportunity
Sales reps work from sales goals and activity targets. Often, the only time they get a real sense of appreciation is when they gain access to a new account or close a sale. Both actions are tough, and they don’t happen frequently. If you want to increase sales activity and
So, you’ve done everything you can think of to get through to an unresponsive prospect, and it just isn’t happening. Yes, business owners and executives are busy people, but with all your efforts, you’d think they’d respond after nine separate attempts. How do you get them on the hook? A
In email prospecting, one of the first things I recommend is that you send yourself a draft before hitting send.  That way, you experience what it’s like for the prospect you’re emailing – from the perceived length to the content and call to action. You can quickly see where you
Most people, your prospects included, don’t go onto social media to be sold to. As a sales rep, if you ignore that protocol, you’ll very likely lose credibility and connections. Instead, social media is a tool to build relationships and share your expertise. To do that, start with one platform
There isn’t one! It’s as simple as having discipline around your prospecting. Over and over, I tell sales reps that a commitment to prospecting on a fixed, regular schedule is key. Prospecting requires long-term commitment and consistency. If you do it sporadically, that’s what you get back. When you’re consistent,