This year I’ve seen sales reps in five different companies successfully talk their business owners out of the need for cold calling, only to miss their sales objectives abominably. Invariably the owners call to share that their reps don’t believe cold calling is working. They’ve decided to stop calling and
Prospects don’t fall into your lap the minute you email them. Your lead generation email campaigns offer a way to engage prospects, score them as a lead and focus your calling efforts on the ones that bubble to the top. Calling is critical after your email campaigns. Don’t discount it.
Referrals are one of the best – and easiest – ways to find new opportunities, but they’re often overlooked. “I don’t want to seem like I’m begging,” moan some sales reps. “Customers never have anybody to refer,” complain other sales reps. What do business owners share? Their primary new business
Build a list of the 100 sweetest, most ideal companies you’d like as your clients. Prospect to the top 20-30 companies right now. Choose a manageable number to start with and put everyone else in a nurture campaign. Dripping on everyone else warms them up until you can reach out
When you’re out and about meeting with clients and prospects, set a goal to add 5 new names to your prospect list every week. Ask for referrals. Check out building directories for new companies not found in most lists. Use LinkedIn to get contact information and send an invitation. Grow
Hold on to prospects’ attention by nurturing in unusual ways. Send them an email to share interesting content. Drop by with a cup of coffee. Engage on LinkedIn. Invite them to an event where you’re speaking or hosting. Be sure your list is current so you can easily communicate. Now
It takes 9 or more attempts to reach a new prospect and only a small percentage of sales reps are happy to pick up the phone every single day. Set KPIs for your reps that recognize the importance of consistent prospecting follow-up to reach target contacts, so you aren’t setting
Tempting as it is to go into lengthy explanations, more than two-thirds of all emails in the U.S. are read on smart phones. Couple that with short attention-spans and you’ve got an audience that wants to declutter their inbox. Anything that isn’t a quick read gets deleted in three seconds.