Once you begin generating leads from your lead generation campaigns, you need your sales reps to follow up and convert those leads into qualified sales opportunities. Based on the numbers we recommend to our clients, 75% of your company’s leads should originate from lead generation campaigns, events, and referrals. The
Remember all those sales you didn’t close last year (i.e., last week)? Revisit those proposals and see what you can move forward right now. Companies operating on a calendar year now have new budget to spend and a set of fresh initiatives for 2019. Plus, your contacts will all be
It’s the last week of December and all through the office, decision makers are nestled snug at their desks with visions of 2019 dancing in their heads. That makes this an ideal week for getting on the phone. Call warm prospects and clients you haven’t talked to lately and ask
When I give a gift or send a card, it’s because I want to show how much I value that client, staff member or partner. It comes from the heart, which might sound odd in business, but the holidays are all about heart, so why not show it? It’s not
Set appointments for the last week of December and first two weeks of January to start unwrapping new opportunities for Q1. By setting the appointments now, you’ll get in on their calendar before everyone else, and you’ll come back from the holidays with a calendar full of meetings, ready to
You can make Q4 a huge success, even if it’s December! Start by making a list of all the proposals you closed this year and highlight those things your clients decided to “wait to do.” Revisit those items with your clients and start closing them. Can’t reach them by phone?
It’s the season for all those holiday lunches, parties and gatherings at local organizations, Chambers and associations. Those parties are teeming with your prospects, and they’re in the mood to mingle and chat with new people. That’s YOU! Why not join the parties and lunches this year? Collect business cards
At Thanksgiving, everyone talks turkey, but it’s pie they’ll double up on without thinking twice. After all the turkey, stuffing and sides, an extra slice of pie seems harmless. Turn that thinking to your clients. You’ve sold clients on the main attractions and must-haves. What extra slices of pie (add-ons