Stalled sales proposals might seem like they’re dead in the water, but you shouldn’t give up until you get closure. Your prospect needed your help when they first engaged you. It’s likely that they still need your help. If nothing else, reach out by phone to understand what happened.
Referrals are one of the best – and easiest – ways to find new opportunities, but they’re often overlooked. “I don’t want to seem like I’m begging,” moan some sales reps. “Customers never have anybody to refer,” complain other sales reps. What do business owners share? Their primary new business
Showing customers what you’ve done for them helps build their loyalty, especially when you translate those actions into results and financial gains to their business. Those could be costs you helped them avoid like productivity losses or savings you’ve helped them realize. These numbers go a long way into helping
Set up a referral program so your sales team has something to offer when they ask for referrals. It will make them more comfortable. If you’re the sales person and your company doesn’t have a formal referral program, think about what you can afford to offer for a good referral.
Referral gathering is typically hit or miss. But referrals are a great growth strategy if it’s effective. If the sales funnel is dry, you remember to ask. Otherwise, you don’t think about asking for referrals. And if you don’t hit, you’ll absolutely miss. When it’s a formal part of your
Think about the business owners and executives you’re calling. They’re so busy that they’re probably putting up with issues they shouldn’t have to endure. When you talk to them, offer an obtainable vision for a way out. Share with them how you can help them solve their biggest challenges. Do
Many salespeople are terrible at moving their prospects toward a decision! Here’s what you can do to close sales faster. Guide your prospects by setting expectations for them. Tell them what their next step is every single time you talk to them. Lead them, and they’ll follow.
Sales prospecting and lead generation get a bad rap, especially in IT companies with small sales teams and where the principal still has a role in sales. I can’t tell you how many people I talk with who tell me they don’t want to cold call. They don’t want to
Not sure what your message should be? Think about the issues your customers are talking with you about right now. For instance, in IT, data security is a hot button. Don’t call and say, “Have I got a data security solution for you.” Instead, share trends you’re seeing, or share