Perhaps a business owner’s biggest frustration is seeing all those opportunities sitting in the pipeline, but nothing is closing. Proposals were presented. Prospects declared, “I’ll let you know.” But they haven’t, and now you don’t know what to do next. When your reps get all the way through presenting
Price objections and highly competitive sales processes are clear indicators that you’re not communicating your value to prospects. They see no difference between you and your competitors. Communicate your value in your marketing and ensure sales reps reinforce that value in their conversations. Prospects will love your unique value,
I firmly believe that email is still the best tool for prospecting and lead generation. It’s personal, targeted, accessible, and measurable. And it can yield a steady flow of very high quality leads. That said, it’s getting harder and harder to break through to the people you actually need
Marketing qualified campaign leads are contacts who show interest by clicking, downloading something you send, or attending an event you host. They are not a guaranteed sale. 10% will agree to an appointment. The rest are future opportunities. That’s not failure; that’s the sales job.
Sales are up. Leads are coming in. We don’t need to keep paying for lead generation, do we? Let’s save that money. The sales rep is setting appointments. He can do it. Or – Hey, lead generation is performing. Yes, the sales rep left but we don’t need to
Moving quickly through prospects using a sales script and not putting any effort into establishing a relationship puts you into highly competitive sales cycles with tremendous pressure. Take some time to get to know your prospects and build a relationship with them. They might not be interested now, but
Acquiring a list is the fastest way to build a list, but it’s not uncommon for 40% or more of the contacts to contain bad data. Alternatively, building an organic list allows you to carefully select and cultivate contacts that fit your target market, so your marketing efforts are
List building is one of the biggest challenges in sales and lead generation. That’s why strategies like Google AdWords and social advertising sound so exciting. Rather than worrying about a list, you’ll let people find you. They are the modern-day Yellow Pages. Make an ad big enough, and people
Let’s play a ball game of our own, shall we? Gather a prospect list of at least 68 contacts and start calling and emailing the list persistently. Your Sweet Sixteen prospects will bubble up in conversation. From these, an Elite Eight should set first time appointments. Your Final Four
Regardless of your role, much of selling is done by phone. Your prospects and clients rarely think about where you’re located until you quote the wrong time zone. Strengthen your relationship ties and always use your clients’ time zone whenever quoting times. If the math is difficult, use your