Businesses are looking at what is left in their budgets, and they want to spend it now before the cash is gone. They don’t know what next year will bring. Start checking in with prospects and clients who are anticipating projects now, so you can help them plan the project
Many sales reps and sales managers might be hitting the Q4 panic button if quota isn’t where it needs to be. Before you do, think about this: when you sound desperate or frantic, prospects smell blood and take advantage of the situation. Keep it confident. Start with these 10 questions
Getting more appointments can seem a bit like witchcraft. Your intention is everything. Expecting a “no” from your prospects? That’s probably what you’ll get. We see inexperienced reps who don’t have those negative expectations score a lot more appointments than their skilled but pessimistic counterparts. Expect a yes, and –
The best way to get prospecting for the holidays is to start earlier and be unique. Here is the holiday to do that! This Halloween deliver bags of fun goodies to your top prospects’ offices (costume is optional!). It’s out of the ordinary, memorable, and puts you ahead of the
Fantasy Football, candy jars, office parties and potlucks have everyone feeling festive through Q4. Take advantage of that with your sales team with a little friendly competition. In your next team meeting, cover these winning 10 sales strategies to close more sales in Q4. Add some incentives and let the
When you’re not competing on price, you have to show prospects your value early and often. Start making their job easier. Check in on them regularly and bring them ideas to help them be more successful in their role now. It’s all about nurturing the relationship. Put the time in
When sales results look bleak, it’s time to brush off the team’s old tricks in favor for something new. What they know clearly isn’t working. Give them more training to help them sell more effectively. You’ll increase their confidence and see a boost in sales activity.
If cold calls make you feel like you’ve activated your inner robot or are reading from a script, then it’s safe to say you’re doing all the talking. Cold calls are a key opportunity to listen to the prospect and understand what their challenges are. Add in open-ended questions and
Listen up Starbucks lovers. If you’re willing to pay extra for that quality coffee experience, but you’re worried about being 20-30% more expensive than your competitors, you’re missing a daily lesson with that coffee. Show your prospects how you’re going to give them a better experience and they’ll line up