Unified communications and small and midsize computer high tech are the primary industries we serve. Until the widespread adoption of monthly services delivered via technology, it was computer, communication, and medical device and energy companies that claimed they were “high tech” businesses. The one thing they have in common
Go visit your top prospects! Drop-by calling gives you a stronger connection with your prospect and is more likely to lead into conversations and opportunities. It doesn’t have to be all work either. Compare fantasy football leagues over coffee and doughnuts, drop by with Halloween candy or treat a
It’s fourth quarter, which means the final year-end push whether you’re motivating your team or yourself to meet sales targets. Here’s a list of resources to guide you to find and close Q4 sales. I’ve included a bunch of different formats, so use the one that will galvanize and
For a winning Q4 strategy, make a list of former customers you haven’t worked with recently. It could be a few years since you worked together, but they could need your help now. They’ll appreciate the call and the chance to pick your brain. You’ll have the opportunity to
As you’re prospecting through Q4, think about something personal you can share with your prospects that will get them engaged and talking. These stories can boost your prospecting through the holidays as people are more relaxed and talkative. Here’s one I use and why it works.
You’ve hired a new sales rep. She’s raring to go. She’s so excited you can practically feel the passion. You know you’ve made a great hire, and you can’t wait for her to know everything she needs to start talking with prospects. What do you do? Sit her in
Prospect when fewer people are in the office, like Fridays or the week of Thanksgiving. You’ll reach a lot of voicemail as more prospects take these days off, but those who are in the office will be more available because there are fewer meetings. You’ll be rewarded with quality
There’s something about autumn that makes people slow down and have fun. Let your prospecting calls and emails reflect that mood. You don’t need to change your value proposition, just your delivery. By deepening your connection, you’re also laying foundation for sales conversations as clients are looking to spend
Hiring salespeople is hard. You’ve tried and failed multiple times, always falling back on a principal-led sales model. You have one, two or even three salespeople on staff, all missing quota. Even when you hire sales reps who were successful elsewhere, they fail in your company. Your choice? Break
You carefully planned out specific sales qualification criteria, like company size, budget and timeline to weed out prospects who are unlikely to close. So why ignore those criteria during the sales process? Teach your sales reps to qualify and requalify leads as you move through the sales process to
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