It’s getting chilly out. Warm Your Prospects Fast!

It’s November, and with the new month comes new, colder weather. (When we woke up this morning, it was down in the 30s! Brrrr!) This got us thinking about all those chilly prospects out there that we all have to face. Just because a prospect is cold does not mean there isn’t a wealth of great opportunities hidden inside. They just need to be warmed up for those truly good leads to be revealed.

Warming leads is all about establishing yourself as the expert, and sharing bits of your expertise with prospects for FREE. Avoid the hard sell. Save that for later, once your prospects know who you are, what you have to offer them, and you’ve inspired some trust that you can offer real value to their business.

You don’t have to drill home what it is your company does to develop such a relationship.

You can more effectively establish a relationship and inspire trust simply by understanding your target market’s issues and sharing helpful insights that can be of immediate use to their business.

Think of this as getting your foot in the door.

Once your prospects know that you understand the overall picture and have helped them in small ways – free of charge – they will know exactly who to turn to for the big time solutions. 

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