A Coffee with Kendra Webinar

How to Spark Appointment Setting Success for Any Salesperson

You do not need to be an appointment-setting maestro to guide your salespeople to higher performance.

As a business owner or sales manager, you hold valuable insights on what prospects care about that will help your salespeople secure more first meetings.

In this Coffee with Kendra webinar we're going beyond monitoring metrics and accountability baselines.

Get the insider take on how to mentor your salespeople and upskill their appointment-setting capabilities from two industry experts, Bob Howard and Kendra Lee.

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Bob Howard

Contact Science,
Appointment Setting Software

Kendra Lee

Revenue Generator Authority,

Author and President, KLA Group

Friday, May 10, 1 pm ET

You’ll discover:

  • How to make your sales rep’s calls more efficient
  • Listening techniques to adopt as you observe reps’ calls
  • How to guide reps based on what you hear
  • Tips for conducting productive one-on-one working sessions with your rep so they improve performance
  • What the most effective sales mentors do to push reps to master appointment-setting