HTG Peer Group Members

Since 2008 we have been working with HTG Peer Group members to get more customers and generate more revenue.

Our HTG Peer Group clients are focused on building their businesses, developing a sales team and driving steady lead generation. They are savvy business owners who have tried to implement sales and marketing in the past but not been successful. They’re ready to invest in their revenue generating system and getting more customers, and building a consistent recurring revenue stream is a high priority.

As MSPs, HTG Peer Group members are in a competitive industry and seek ways to highlight their differentiation and increase their market ubiquity.

What We Do for HTG Peer Group Members

HTG Peer Group members appreciate our premium Do It For You programs where we step in to develop a lead generation strategy then create and implement your lead generation program and manage your marketing. 100% custom to you, you won’t find your lead generation content on someone else’s website.

Whether YOU are the sales team, have one salesperson or several, we work with you to develop a successful prospecting strategy, approach and confidence that will keep your sales pipeline full. The approach and value proposition you develop are unique to your business and your target market.

When the time is right, we guide you in how to hire your first sales rep – or expand your sales team – to put a sales and marketing team and process in place that will help you achieve your business growth goals. There are many different sales and marketing models with many different ways of staffing it as you know from conversations in your HTG Peer Group.

We work together to fit the culture, needs and region of your business.

Use Your Vendor Market Development Funds

Our services frequently qualify for market development funds (MDF). If you have access to vendor MDF, we’ll work with you to secure it.


Visit the HTG Hub to hear more about the HTG Peer Group Members we work with – directly from HTG members.

Quarterly HTG Meetings Support

Kendra Lee and members of the KLA team are frequent speakers on sales development and lead generation topics in quarterly HTG group meetings and HTG Online meetings. If you’d like us to speak to your group, contact us and we’ll set it up.

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