Questions with Kendra: How Many Emails are TOO Many for CAN SPAM?

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Email prospecting is the top sales prospecting strategy. It’s easier and less threatening for contacts to respond than voicemail. However there’s always the legal concern niggling in the back of sales reps’ minds.

Q: Recently Chris, an insurance counselor, asked, “I’m curious as to how email prospecting adheres to the U.S. CAN SPAM regulations.  Is there a limit to the number you can send per day?”

A: The best way to adhere to the U.S. CAN SPAM regulations with email prospecting is to be sure to include an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your email under your signature. If you’re sending emails out in batches, this will protect you.

As to the limit of emails, when you are sending an email to more than 10-15 people, you’re now into more lead generation and nurturing than sales prospecting. In the lead generation realm, you are sending the same email content to a group of similar contacts with similar issues. While you can definitely use prospecting strategies with groups, you might be better served to use a lead generation approach. There are a number of email applications that allow you to send large numbers of lead generation emails at one time without interfering with the U.S. CAN SPAM regulations.

My next question for you to consider: Do you understand how lead generation and prospecting differ?

In lead generation, you aren’t expecting to talk with every prospect. Your goal is to get interested contacts to identify themselves to you with a response. In prospecting, you are attempting to get every prospect to respond.

Which approach do you think best suits your current needs?

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below!

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