Getting a prospect Yes! faster requires establishing a relationship based on inspired trust.


Most sales training programs only focus on the process, but o really get to Yes! faster, you need strategies that you can implement through every step of the sales cycle and speed up your time to close. That means faster wins, reduced competition, reduced pressure to negotiate, and higher profit sales.

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In our 9 week, 1-hour, expert-led, interactive web-based Master Series training course, Sales Methods to Get to Yes! Faster, participants will…

  • Grow their average sale
  • Raise their closing ratio
  • Sell your complete suite of offerings
  • Uncover business justifications that may previously have been overlooked
  • Develop the skills to make consultative recommendations from a position of inspired trust
  • Apply their new skills in real time, using their actual territories and accounts throughout the sessions
  • Exhibit their WOW factor that separates them from competitors
  • Get to Yes! faster

One client reported that this course taught their sales team the right methods for reaching and sticking with prospects – without fizzling out – to win continuous business faster.

  • Session 1: A Sales Process to Establish and Manage Expectations
  • Session 2: Question to Uncover Opportunity and Situation
  • Session 3: Pinpoint Critical Business Impacts and ROI
  • Session 4: Role Play Impact and ROI Questioning
  • Session 5: Make Consultative Recommendations that Clients Listen To
  • Session 6: Handle Objections and Keep Moving Forward!
  • Session 7: Role Play Making Consultative Recommendations and Handling Objections*
  • Session 8: Closing Client Conversations for a Faster Yes!*
  • Session 9: Closing Client Conversations for a Faster Yes!*

Tools & Resources

Included with your program, you’ll receive these tools and resources…

  • Sample Lead Generation Campaign Plan
  • 4 Compelling Offer Examples
  • Email Campaign Strategy Template
  • Email Delete Barrier Checklist
  • Sample Email Launch Plan
  • 3 Sample Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Event Promotion E-tool
  • Event Campaign Templates
  • Sample Postcard Campaign


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Individual Training $997
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