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Avoid costly hiring mistakes – Get new strategies for hiring salespeople with high-performance track records

This 19 minute podcast will help you determine if you’ve created the perfect storm for sales hiring failure or the perfect opportunity for sales success.

Your sales staff is a vital part of your success and it is crucial to find the right people for the job. Finding the right sales person or sales manager can be more challenging than it seems, however.

Many companies experience mixed hiring results due to problems in any of these three areas:

  • Compensation alignment
  • Performance expectations
  • Onboarding

If any of these are threatening your hiring process, then this podcast is a fantastic place to get started down the right path!

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Ultimately, the goal of any company is to make more sales. Our goal at KLA Group is to help you get more customers and close those much-needed opportunities.

We know that every company faces their own unique set of sales, prospecting, and lead generation challenges. To meet those varying
challenges, we have compiled resources for each specific area of need:

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