By Popular Vote: The Top 10 Sales Posts of 2016

Most Popular Sales 2016

This year I blogged a lot about lead generation and marketing because that’s what everyone seemed to be asking us about. But when I looked back over the year and our most popular blog posts, it was the sales articles that won the prize! (This is a great example of why you analyze the results of your marketing, sales and lead generation activities.)

What I’ve concluded is that since you love sales topics, that’s what I should write about – even if we still do a lot of lead generation work for many of you. So, watch for more sales-related blog posts in 2017!

Here’s the list of your favorite blog posts in 2016. If you missed one you can catch it now – or read it again! Then read on for my gift to you to start 2017 with a bang.

5 Cold Calling Mistakes that Irk Sales Prospects
: A Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast revealed how business owners immediately spot cold callers.

10 Strategies to Use When Your Prospect Goes Silent: Just because a prospect stops responding, it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. These 10 creative prospecting strategies get contacts re-engaged.

Sales Reps: It’s Not Your Prospect’s Job to Pick a Meeting: Sharing your calendar link seems friendly and helpful, but how does it make your contact feel?

12 Tactics to Try When Customers Stonewall Your Calls: When prospects aren’t taking your call, you have to make them see the value in talking with you. These 12 strategies should do the trick.

10 Ways to Achieve Your Sales Goals Faster: January 1 is only days away. These are 10 proven sales actions to make whatever target you set for yourself. And they work no matter what time of year it is.

8 Tips to Bypass the Gatekeepers Blocking Your Emails: Many emails are never read by decision makers. Someone else is screening them. You have to craft your emails to get past the gatekeeper and into the hands of your key contact.

5 Reasons Why Your Email List Isn’t Performing: Everyone thinks the lead generation problem is with the list. Here’s a punch list to determine why your email list may not be performing up to your expectations.

The 4 Factors That Cause Lead Generation Rejection: These are the 4 factors we examine first when sales or marketing lead generation activities aren’t working.

3 Steps to Revive Stalled Sales Proposals: Two details to watch for in your conversations before you even present a proposal, then three steps to get proposals moving forward after a prospect has said, “We’ll discuss it and let you know.”

How to Dress Your LinkedIn Profile for Success: Use a common message you want everyone to know about you. Use all the elements of your profile to tell the story of you.

I look forward to a stellar 2017 together! To kick the year off right, our first Coffee with Kendra is January 13 when I’ll be doing live prospecting email makeovers. I haven’t done since 2013 in any of my free events, and I am excited. Sign up and submit an email for consideration.

Let’s start the year with a bang for you! Happy New Year!

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