Demo Training

Virtual Demo Mastery

Most remote demos are hard-to-follow and lack interaction. Customers get lost or bored and tune out. By following some key best practices of how to deliver your demo remotely, you can make sure every demo you deliver is as engaging and effective as a live session. 

In this 3 week, 1-hour live virtual coaching and training course, you will learn and practice applying best practices to your own demo to improve connectivity and interaction with your audience. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Make key adjustments to go from a live to a remote demo
  • Increase audience interaction
  • Use your camera effectively during a demo
  • Leverage your interactive tools 
  • Introduce screens in a way that highlights your value
  • Manage questions and time
  • Handle larger groups with confidence

Vision Generation Demos

Have you ever been asked to show a demo without any (or very little) discovery taking place?  The result is often a boring overview demo that closes the door to future opportunities. The Vision Generation Demo provides just enough of a demo to satisfy the request for a demo while generating a vision in the customer’s mind of a solution – with social proof.  It encourages a conversational discovery conversation to take place and dramatically increases your chances of moving the deal forward.

Over 3 weeks in 1 hour sessions, participants will learn and practice how to: 

  • Use informal customer success stories to define a prospects critical business issue
  • Share a key screen or dashboard 
  • Communicate business value
  • Gain needed discovery information
  • Lead into a technical proof demo

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