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Protect Against 2024's Significant Email Deliverability Changes

On February 1, the probability that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo blacklist your B2B emails increases exponentially.

Don’t shrug off the changes as “no big deal” or “easy to fix.” Blacklisting has lasting power this time. Rapid reverses don’t exist.

Once categorized as spam, your marketing messages will live unseen in junk folders. You will be out of sight and out of mind with your target market.

Email specialists Barry Robb and Bill Lee break down the technical and content changes required to adhere to the new rules and stay visible with your audience.

Join us. Stay in your target market’s inbox and out of “email jail.” Protect your reputation and marketing budget.

Barry Robb

Barry Robb

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, KLA Group

Bill Lee

Vice President, Operations, KLA Group

Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee

Revenue Generator Authority,

Author and President, KLA Group

Friday, February 16, 1 pm ET

Discover how to avoid “email jail”:

  • New technical requirements explained in plain English
  • Immediate changes to make in your approach to B2B email content
  • 3 action items that prevent blacklisting
  • The new email metrics to monitor