Questions with Kendra: Yay or Nay? Intentional Voicemail Disconnects

Kendra Lee Q: Freddie has been reading our Email PowerProspecting eBook and when I followed up with him, he posed this interesting question: What are your thoughts on the voicemail approach of disconnecting in the middle of the call? I received a callback today using that method.

A: I’m not wild about it. I don’t like tricks. I know they work some of the time, but I believe you have to have integrity especially in prospecting. People are already weary of salespeople. Disconnecting mid-call on purpose doesn’t feel honest to me. I’d rather have a laugh in my voice as I leave the message so that prospects want to talk to me because I sound not just intelligent and informed, but also fun. That’s being true to yourself and honest with your prospect from the very beginning.

Have you used this technique before? What are your thoughts?

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