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How to Fill Your Funnel With New Opportunities From Lost Clients

Be the Trusted Advisor Clients Remember – And Return To

Only 17% of clients return to their original provider for repeat business if they haven’t stayed in touch.

Stop hunting for new lists of prospects to call. Dive into your old client list. These are people who know you and once appreciated your value. But they’ve forgotten you.

Watch this Coffee with Kendra webinar and develop a strategy to re-engage with lost clients, then stay connected. That will put you top of mind when they need you. Don’t let competitors snatch your past clients. Re-engage and fill your funnel with new opportunities.

  • The 5-step mining strategy
  • How to identify the key players to approach
  • 5 ways to stay in front of clients
  • When to push and when to nurture
  • Strategies to simplify follow-up

Watch the Replay

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