How to Know if You’re Selling High Enough in the Organization

Strategic Recommendations

Every successful salesperson knows that you’re supposed to sell to the decision maker. It’s one of the primary qualification questions in requirements gathering right out of the gate: who will be making the decision? The contacts you’re speaking with are quick to affirm that they are indeed the decision maker. They ask key questions. They […]

A 20% Closing Ratio Isn’t Enough — Here’s How to Improve It

Over the years, I’ve worked with many sales teams that seemed to view a 20% closing ratio as a bellwether of success. If the team closed 20% of their opportunities in a given month, they patted themselves on the back and celebrated a job well done. If it closed more than that, it set off […]

Why Flexibility Hurts (Not Helps) Your Ability to Close Sales Deals

For many sales reps, being flexible throughout the sales process seems like the best, consultative approach to establish a strong prospect relationship and win more sales. Rather than suggest what a prospective client should buy, reps opt to empower the client to dictate their needs. In doing so, the thought process is that reps convey […]