Three Questions Every Testimonial Must Answer to Win More Sales

Testimonial KLA Group

Every salesperson knows that client testimonials are like gold in the sales process. The right testimonial can avoid the need for lengthy reference sharing. It can keep you in a highly competitive sales process or avoid the competitive bid process overall. The right testimonial puts into words what prospects would never believe if you said […]

Your Lead Generation Expectations Are Wrong

Lead Generation Campaign

When business owners embark on a lead generation strategy, their expectations are all wrong.  It doesn’t matter if they’re hiring a sales rep, focused on appointment setting, running social ads, holding events or implementing email campaigns. Their expectations are wrong. And when lead generation expectations are wrong, so is everything else: the process, the budget, […]

Emails Don’t Sell

Emails Dont Sell. People Do.

Emails don’t sell. People do. Yes, I know I’m going to take a lot of flak for that, especially from the digital marketers. But the reality is if you are in a business-to-business selling environment, emails do not sell. Emails can open doors. I should know. I’ve written a wildly popular ebook about how to […]