How to Adapt Your Cold Calling for 2021

Embrace Video and Digital for Prospecting - Cold Calling

Cold calling in a pandemic has taken on a new meaning, and you need a new strategy. When the pandemic will “end” depends on whom you ask – spring, winter, sometime in 2022 – your guess is as good as mine. At this point lockdown feels “normal.” Frustrating and stressful, but normal. We’ve acclimated. Certain […]

Checklist: 8 Skills Every Social Media Specialist Must Have to Generate Leads

Social Media Specialist Skills

Remember the days when building a strong, captive social media following was as simple as engaging your followers in valuable discussions and sharing super relevant content? Back then, disseminating thought leadership and responding quickly to questions and comments virtually guaranteed you could build relationships and generate leads. Today, building a strong, captive social following is […]

6 Ways to Boost Your Signal on LinkedIn

Boosting Linkedin

Now that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn, more users will be turning to LinkedIn to find experts for whatever it is that they need. To position yourself in front of the users looking for businesses like yours, you need to boost your signal on LinkedIn. With the right approach, you can be the expert they come […]

The Kind of Content That Can Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Marketing Slick

Creating a strong LinkedIn profile is more important than ever, especially now that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn, which is expected to have dramatic impact on the sales and marketing world. A good LinkedIn profile starts with a cohesive message. In the last post I talked about that LinkedIn golden thread that works to tell the […]

5 Reasons Microsoft Purchasing LinkedIn Matters to Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

When Microsoft announced the purchase of LinkedIn, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent a letter to his employees explaining the move. As Nadella says, LinkedIn has a fantastic business model centered around connecting professionals. In fact, LinkedIn has more than 433 million users worldwide who use LinkedIn to network, find jobs and reconnect with colleagues. Social […]

10 Strategies to Use When Your Prospect Goes Silent

Dont Give Up

  One of the most frustrating things for a sales rep is when the prospect you had a great conversation with goes silent and starts avoiding you. You might assume that it’s you or they’re disinterested, but that’s not necessarily the case. This happened to me with one of my Canadian prospects and I couldn’t […]

The Top 10 Sales Posts of 2015

Well, 2015 is almost in the books, and that means another year of blog posts aimed at helping your achieve your sales and lead generation goals. This year we covered topics spanning the sales process, from prospecting and lead generation to email marketing and closing sales—plus a lot more.