The Important Difference Between MQLs and SQLs

Shoes standing in front of 3 arrows

When business owners talk about leads, marketing qualified leads, or sales qualified leads, you need to stop them immediately and ask for a definition. Everyone will define these terms differently.  My husband and I have an inside joke from when we were first married. I used to call the pockets on the outside of a […]

Set a Strong MQL Follow-Up Strategy and Close More Sales

Strategy Leads Become Oppotunities

You received a marketing qualified lead! You’re ecstatic and shoot them an email requesting a time to meet. Days go by, you hear nothing, your enthusiasm fades. Maybe they aren’t interested after all. Wrong! A percentage of your leads are ready to have a conversation right now. Others find your content or website useful but […]

Keeping Score: What is Lead Scoring and Why Do You Need It

Campaign Engagement

I’ve written quite a bit about lead scoring in some of our recent weekly sales tips and blog posts and have received a number of questions about what exactly lead scoring is and why it’s important. Campaign lead scoring used to be some secret tactic only enterprises with big marketing automation systems could do, but […]

Checklist: Maximize Your Marketing Campaign ROI

Money Making Marketing Campaigns

Business owners of more and more SMB companies that we talk with are frustrated because they can’t put a finger on the return on investment (ROI) from their lead generation campaigns. They’ve invested time, money and staff, but can’t articulate the value they’ve received. Use this 8-point checklist to evaluate the success of your marketing […]