10 Simple Games to Make Sales Prospecting Fun (Seriously)

sales prospecting

You’ve probably heard the sales prospecting saying that it takes 10 “no’s” to get one “yes,” but I think that number is outdated. In today’s market, it can take 40 voicemails to reach a live person and dozens of emails to yield a single response. For sales reps, that kind of rejection often makes sales […]

How to Adapt Your Cold Calling for 2021

Embrace Video and Digital for Prospecting - Cold Calling

Cold calling in a pandemic has taken on a new meaning, and you need a new strategy. When the pandemic will “end” depends on whom you ask – spring, winter, sometime in 2022 – your guess is as good as mine. At this point lockdown feels “normal.” Frustrating and stressful, but normal. We’ve acclimated. Certain […]

What to Do When Your Reps Are Losing Sales

Strategies so help your reps to not lose sales

By Kendra Lee If your sales reps are losing sales, it isn’t necessarily due to COVID. Nor is it the time of year. The fault lies with sloppy selling and poor sales discipline. The good news is you can restore your win rate once you understand today’s selling situation and where you are losing in […]

Three Places to Direct Your Prospecting Attention for Fourth Quarter Sales

Change up your Q4 prospecting

By Kendra Lee Here we are in the fourth quarter and you have a revenue target that you’re trying to achieve. It’s been a difficult year for selling and your sales funnel may not have produced what you wanted or needed. Your Sales Funnel Quandary Now you’re in a quandary as to where to focus […]

The Key to Sales Success: What Makes You Different

Competitors Difference

Many companies come to us with no sense of what makes them unique. They feel as if they’re exactly the same as their competitors. Their goal is to run more frequent lead generation campaigns, or hire salespeople who will dial faster and shout louder than their competition. All this so they’ll reach prospects first because […]

Relying on Cold Calling Isn’t the Best Sales Prospecting Strategy

Get Noticed By Prospects

Can you rely on cold calling as your one and only prospecting method for driving leads? Yes, you absolutely can. The challenge with that, though, is that whenever you employ just one method of reaching prospects, you are constrained to that method. A salesperson can only make so many phone calls. And, you can only […]

This is the #1 Reason Lead Generation Doesn’t Work

broken pill capsule with paper money inside

“I am getting a little worried. I’m not getting any results from my lead generation activities.  I’ve done a ton of activities, but all to no avail.  No bites, no sales conversations … nada,” a sales rep lamented to me this week. “I’ve changed my target market. I’ve changed my prospecting activities. Why isn’t lead […]

3 Smart Ways to Cold Call and Reach Prospects

Cold Calling

This week a question asking my opinion of the value of cold calling reached me through our website Contact Us page. It was phrased this way: I’ve read a lot of articles that say cold calling is dead. I believe it’s still a valuable prospecting tool to find new opportunities in addition to other approaches.  […]

Why So Many Sales Reps Fail Before January

Blue Bird in January

You’re in that time of year when you can’t lose sight of your year-end goal. But at the same time, January 1st is just weeks away. And with it comes a fresh sales goal and a big fat zero in the quota attainment column. You might be thinking to yourself, “I’ll deal with next year in […]

Three Fourth Quarter Sales Opportunities to Make Your Quota

Sales Rewards

We’re coming down to crunch time for the sales year. Either you’re going to make your sales target or you’re not. Whether you’re a sales person or a business owner, this time of year is no fun if your revenue numbers aren’t where you want them. You have just weeks left. It’s still possible to work […]