How to Choose Your B2B Lead Generation Target Market

knife cutting dollar

By Kendra Lee The foundation of all B2B lead generation strategies, regardless of the activities you choose to use, is your target market. If you get it wrong, no matter how big your budget, great your content, or how much you pummel it, the results will not fill your sales funnel and will leave you mighty […]

The Key to Sales Success: What Makes You Different

Competitors Difference

Many companies come to us with no sense of what makes them unique. They feel as if they’re exactly the same as their competitors. Their goal is to run more frequent lead generation campaigns, or hire salespeople who will dial faster and shout louder than their competition. All this so they’ll reach prospects first because […]

3 Ways to Drum Up New Business in a Huge Sales Territory

A few weeks ago, I got an email from an inside sales rep responsible for drumming up new business aopportunities for his company’s team of outside sales reps. The challenge this rep was grappling with wasn’t figuring out how to generate leads. Instead, it was how to manage the massive size of his territory. Because […]

A Simple Way to Achieve Email Personalization at Scale

Recently, one of my clients reached out with a challenge that many businesses face. While this client knew that personalizing emails, messages, and LinkedIn InMails was important, he was utterly overwhelmed by the task. With a list of 4,000 quality contacts on LinkedIn alone, how could he possibly personalize every message without it consuming every […]