The 4 Factors That Cause lead Generation Rejection

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things in lead generation is the rejection. People don’t open your emails. Voicemails aren’t returned. Email campaign open rates are negligible. And bounce rates are so high that your email provider sends you discontinuance warnings. Marketing automation has made reaching prospects even more challenging for sales people and marketers […]

The Top 10 Sales Posts of 2015

Well, 2015 is almost in the books, and that means another year of blog posts aimed at helping your achieve your sales and lead generation goals. This year we covered topics spanning the sales process, from prospecting and lead generation to email marketing and closing sales—plus a lot more.

Trigger Events: The Mystery Behind Extreme Response Rates

High Response Rate

One of the most difficult aspects of lead generation — whether you’re in sales or marketing — is crafting messaging that snatches prospects’ attention. Too often, lead generation messages never survive what I like to call the “Glimpse Factor” — that three-second window you have to capture your prospects’ attention before they move on to […]