The Top 10 Sales Posts of 2015

Top 10 in 2015 Pinterest sm wh Well, 2015 is almost in the books, and that means another year of blog posts aimed at helping your achieve your sales and lead generation goals. This year we covered topics spanning the sales process, from prospecting and lead generation to email marketing and closing sales—plus a lot more.

What topics resonated best with you throughout the year? This year’s list was almost as varied as our choice of topics. So without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular blogs on our site this year:

A Simple Way to Achieve Email Personalization at Scale: Personalization need not be one on one. Micro-segmentation—an approach where you lump contacts with similar traits, qualities, and business issues into small groups—can be just as effective.

Why Flexibility Hurts (Not Helps) Your Ability to Close Sales Deals: Being flexible in the sales process might make you feel better, but it’s not helping prospects. Here we discuss the right approach.

Clients or Customers? The Difference Matters More than You Think: Calling a client a customer may hurt your credibility with decision-makers. Consider the meaning of both words, and you’ll understand why.

Don’t Kill Your LinkedIn Credibility by Making This Blogging Mistake: It may seem like a harmless way of establishing yourself as a thought-leader, but curating articles on LinkedIn is never a good idea. Here’s why.

The Right Way to Deal with Prospects Who Complain About Email Campaigns: Don’t trade snark for snark. Even a negative response can open the door to a one-on-one conversation.

A 20% Closing Ratio Isn’t Enough — Here’s How to Improve It: Closing only 20% of your deals is pretty abysmal when you think about the investment of time, effort and money. What’s better? Aim for 50%. Here are some tips to help make that happen.

Trigger Events: The Mystery Behind Extreme Response Rates: What’s the mysterious approach to getting more people to care about your cold call, email campaign, webinar or social chatter enough to respond? Trigger events.

Follow Up or Give Up?: Our research indicates it takes nine-plus touches to qualify a B2B sales lead. How many are your salespeople attempting?

Nurturing versus Cold Calling: What’s better, pounding the phones trying to get new leads or nurturing the current leads in the pipeline? The answer may surprise you.

Relationship Building Isn’t Dead, It’s Evolving – And You Should Be, Too: Don’t count relationship-based sales out. Evolve your strategy for reaching your customers beyond the phone and email, and you’ll see an increase in sales.

As we close 2015, I wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to helping you generate even more revenue in 2016. Happy New Year!

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