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Google PPC mistakes are costly – and common. Simple missteps lead to expensive ads, weak campaigns and leads that don’t convert. Use this guide to avoid the 28 worst PPC mistakes and discover what works. You can’t afford to spend money and not see results.

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Top 28 Worst PPC Mistakes to Avoid

PPC guide

Google PPC gets you in front of active buyers right now. But even if you’re experienced using PPC campaigns, you could easily make one (or more) of the mistakes in our guide. Instead of new leads, you end up with nothing. Download the guide, find your fumbles, and do PPC right.

You'll get:  

  • Google PPC bidding advice
  • 5 ways to improve results with data
  • Why you can't sell with your homepage
  • 4 tips for using keywords in ads
  • When you shouldn't trust Google

You shouldn’t waste thousands of dollars not knowing or using the PPC best practices. Download your guide now.

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