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Do You Know Where Your Future Revenue is Going to Come From?

Unpredictable revenue puts your business on unstable footing. You cannot plan for the future, make strategic investments, or grow, and you have no idea where your next client will come from. Cookie cutter marketing and sales strategies promise quick fixes that work, until they don’t. Then you’re back to square one with an unreliable revenue stream.

You need to be found, convert more opportunities, and close more sales. That’s where our Revenue Generation System comes in. Through this framework, we create a strategy for sustainable growth by uniting sales and marketing under one, cohesive strategy.

Be Seen, Get Heard, and Gain Traction with Your Audience

To be effective, revenue generation must have three key components that work together like gears:

Strategic marketing activities are to be seen by your target market, creating new opportunities your sales team can nurture.

Strong salespeople who win more sales, helping you grow your company.

Optimize effectively through planning, measuring, and adapting, see higher close rates and more conversions.

Market Intentionally Sell Consistently Optimize Effectively

Align All Three to Achieve Business Growth

To integrate marketing and sales you need to market intentionally, sell consistently, and optimize effectively.

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Imagine Having Sales & Marketing That Produce Results

Picture this: Your sales team is energized. Not just going through the motions. They’re having real conversations with qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your offers.

Your revenue is climbing upwards, giving you the freedom to not only grow your business but start to enjoy more time doing the things you love!

You’re dominating a competitive market because you have a revenue generation system that’s predictable, scalable, and effective.

Next Steps to Start Your Revenue Generation Strategy

Start by identifying where your business has a sales and marketing gaps today.

Do you lack opportunities for sales to nurture?

Focus on marketing and prospecting digital marketing and sales training.

No staff to do prospecting?

Don’t have a marketing team?

Outsource marketing to a trusted partner like KLA Group.

Poor close ratio?

Your salespeople need a repeatable sales process and/or the right sales training program.

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Integrated Marketing Systems Designed to Generate Business Growth

A weakness in marketing, sales prospecting, or personnel and process will limit the ROI on your revenue generating activities. KLA Group has experts across all 3 disciplines. Use our team to eliminate gaps. We tailor our services based on what you need to get more customers.

White-Glove Marketing Services

Marketing is an important aspect of revenue generation. It’s a long-game and a comprehensive approach. Winning requires commitment and adaptability. We define, maintain, measure, and analyze your revenue generation strategy with a mix of initiatives. Our experts continually refine your strategy using data and effective trends to maximize results.

With a focus on digital marketing strategies, our approach attracts prospects that you can add to your pipeline, nurture through a strong sales team and close to meet revenue generation goals.

Services we offer clients:


Develop an integrated revenue generation strategy.


Create 100% custom content that positions you as a thought leader to prospects and clients.


Develop marketing materials, sales resources and collateral.


Run email marketing campaigns using marketing automation.


Proactively manage your website search engine optimization.

Develop websites that tell your story and draw your audience in, then host and maintain your site.


Coach your marketing staff to enhance their skills and abilities.

Results-Oriented Prospecting Training

Prospecting is more than just cold calling. It’s about having the right approach and the confidence to reach out to people you don’t know and set more appointments. It requires tenacity.

We show salespeople how to find new opportunities for your business

In our virtual sales coaching and training sessions, every assignment or action directly relates to the salesperson’s own goals and accounts. Your salespeople get real results while learning. Manager briefings keep business owners informed and provide direction on how they can reinforce their teams’ success.

We work with experienced reps, newly hired sales reps, and owner-salespeople to enhance their performance focusing on strategies that will get more customers through:

  1. Multi-technique prospecting
  2. Referral gathering
  3. A consultative sales process

Hiring and Sales Process Services

You could have wonderfully creative revenue generating ideas. They won’t get off the ground if you lack a skilled salesperson to follow up. A successful sales hiring process provides your company with a repeatable process to hire the salespeople it needs to grow your company and a repeatable sales process to get more customers.

In hiring process and sales process, we coach and consult to:

  1. Determine the right sales roles to hire to get more customers with defined responsibilities, compensation planning and performance expectations.
  2. Establish a repeatable sales hiring process from interview through onboarding.
  3. Interview and vet candidates, then we assess and interview your top contenders.
  4. Establish a repeatable sales process from marketing qualified lead through close and into account management.
  5. Use our sales process templates and together establish the operational sales organization processes, tools, metrics and systems you need to manage and grow a sales team.
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Unlocking New Revenue Streams: Overcoming Common B2B Challenges

Are your competitors consistently winning new business while you struggle to attract new clients? Many B2B companies believe they’ve exhausted all their options, yet they continue to face challenges in acquiring new customers. Often, they rely on generic marketing approaches or a singular sales strategy, both of which typically fail to yield a sufficient number of high-quality leads. When a lead generation strategy lacks sales involvement, it often falters, allowing your competition to seize valuable revenue opportunities.

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Helping Our Customer’s Succeed

Paul Parozzi, PMR
Our sales team faced significant challenges due to the impact of COVID-19 on our sales approach. We initially reached out to KLA after receiving emails and attending seminars in 2021, seeking guidance and direction in adapting to the changing landscape. As we delved into KLA’s training, it became evident that their expertise extended beyond sales and into effective sales management, making them an invaluable resource for us.
Jim, Nortec

Before KLA Group, Nortec struggled to adapt in a changing market, lacking the marketing muscle needed to evolve beyond being a Microsoft partner. KLA Group not only addressed this but also exceeded expectations, driving substantial business growth, refreshing our website, and maintaining high SEO rankings. Their consistency and commitment have made this partnership invaluable, boosting our annual growth by approximately $500,000.

Jim Mayne, Deerwood Technologies

Engaging KLA Group a decade ago transformed our company. Seeking help with lead generation and marketing, we’ve since refined our sales and marketing processes with their expertise. The teams background in enterprise IT has provided the depth and knowledge we needed to expand our marketing processes, establish a sales funnel, and secure dedicated budgets for continued success.